The Ultimate Solution to Bladder Leakage


Attain is the most effective, non-invasive option for the at-home treatment of urinary and/or fecal incontinence in women. FDA cleared, no prescription required.

Attain provides muscle stimulation, visual biofeedback, and a guided exercise program to eliminate stress, urge (OAB) and mixed urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence without side effects of most treatments available on the market today. Attain works with your body to solve incontinence naturally, at the source – the muscle level.


Customizable Fit for Optimal Performance & Comfort


Attain uses a soft and flexible tampon sized probe, unique to InControl Medical products.  Inflation customizes the fit to your body, ensuring comfortable and effective delivery of muscle stimulation.  Our inflatable probe design not only maximizes your comfort, it allows active resistance to squeeze against during your post stimulation toning workout.

All these features  add up to a better solution for you. Attain was designed with the techniques and tools Physical Therapists use in office to achieve real results.