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CO2LIFT-V is a painless effective treatment that, with no downtime, addresses vaginal issues associated with aging, childbearing and/or stress. CO2LIFTV delivers an easy-to-use kit that comes with 5 treatments, mixing and 5 applicator sticks that can be used in the privacy of your home.


Doctors recommend 10 to 15 treatments that can be done every day for 10 to 15 days, for long lasting results that can be maintained by monthly treatments.


Patients have reported:

• Increased vaginal lubrication

• Aesthetic improvement in the vulva area

• Enhanced skin tone and elasticity

• Decreased pain during sexual intercourse

• Increased vaginal tightening

CO2 Lift V Carboxytherapy Vaginal Rejuvination Treatment

  • Call Diane at (949)499-5311 for special pricing.